Perfecting The Stripes: A SupaSwift Guide To Lawn Stripes

Perfecting The Stripes: A SupaSwift Guide To Lawn Stripes

Have you been wanting to create beautiful lawn stripes on your grass but don't know how? We can help! We've put together an introduction guide to creating beautiful lawn stripes using our range of cylinder mowers

How can you get lawn stripes using a cylinder mower?

The stripe effect is created through light reflecting off the grass blades. The blades bent towards you look dark, while those bent in the opposite direction look lighter. This creates the stripe effect. Cylinder mowers usually have an in-built roller and tend to be heavier than rotary mowers, allowing them to create lawn stripes more easily than a standard rotary mower. 

Routine checks

Before you begin your lawn stripe journey, it's important to take care of your lawn. A thick, lush lawn will show your lawn stripes much better than a thin and sparse lawn will. 

You should also check on your mower’s blades and ensure they are sharp and in good condition. For a cylinder mower, you may need to backlap your mower to sharpen its blades (this process includes applying paste or sharpening compound to the cutting edges of all blades in the cylinder, then running the blade backwards). This will help to ensure the reel and bedknife are bedded together to produce an even cut. Remember, the sharper the blades, the cleaner the cut, the nicer your lawn will look!

Choose your pattern

What will it be – stripes, checkers or criss-cross? You’ll need to plan ahead to work out how your pattern will fit onto your lawn, bearing in mind where the curves and corners need to be.

Mow a perimeter 

In an ideal world, your lawn is the perfect square but that is rarely the case – making the straight-line mow quite tricky. We suggest starting by mowing a perimeter to create an easier shape to mow stripes within. Using the perimeter as a guideline, you can follow a simple up-and-down design to create your desired striped pattern. 

Do some double-cutting

If you want your stripes to stand out, do a couple of passes over the lawn – otherwise known as double-cutting or triple-cutting. This reinforces the direction of the grass blades, providing a clearer look to your lawn stripes.

Keep an eye on height

The height of the perfect stripes is 20-30mm. You only need to reduce the height of your grass by no less than a third with each mow. Remember, a slightly longer lawn helps keep your stripes looking well-defined. 

Got questions?

If you still have some questions about cylinder mowing and achieving lawn stripes, then contact your local dealer who is happy to help you achieve your dream lawn! 

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