Keeping It Cool, Prepping Your Lawn For A Hot Summer

Keeping It Cool, Prepping Your Lawn For A Hot Summer

Summer days in Queensland mean we are out and about in our garden, enjoying the sunshine. But the hottest few months of the year often puts our lawn under great pressure from heat, wind, and dryness. While the weather is out of our control, the care we give our lawn to help it survive and thrive in such tough conditions is entirely up to us! Follow along as we unpack our quick and easy steps to keep your lawn in a healthy condition this summer. 

Before we get into a lawn care plan, there’s a couple of quick things you can check up on today.

Sharpen Mower Blades 

Ensure your mower blades are sharp otherwise they might tear your lawn leaving it weak and vulnerable to pests. Using sharp mower blades will also give you a neater, healthier-looking lawn.

Clean Up Debris

Rake up any leaves or stick debris as this could be blocking sunlight, airflow and water which are all required for your lawn to grow properly.

Our Summer Tips

Fertilise Early

The general rule is to apply a slow release fertiliser to your lawn in early summer to enhance growth. However once the temperature hits 30°C, do not fertilise as it can chemically burn your lawn’s blades. We even recommend finding a fertiliser with a higher potassium content as this increases root growth and improves drought resistance. 

Water Wisely 

People tend to mindlessly water their lawn and plants without any real approach. Our tip is to water deeply and less frequently as this will encourage strong root growth and allow your roots to delve deeper into the soil to find moisture. 

Reminder: Early mornings or late evenings are the best times to water, reducing water loss due to evaporation.


Give your lawn some breathing space by aerating the soil. This simple step allows nutrients and water to penetrate deeper, promoting a healthier root system. Aeration improves the moisture in the soil which is particularly important when going through dry spells.

The Power Of Shade

Consider getting some strategically placed trees and shrubs to provide natural shade for your lawn. They’re also a beautiful addition to any outdoor space!

Keep Off The Grass!

As tempting as it is to get out there on your lawn in summer, try to minimise foot traffic during the hottest parts of the day. This reduces stress on the grass and prevents compaction, keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. Remember, your grass is already having a hard time, the drier it is, the more it is likely to be damaged and unable to recover from additional wear. 

Got Questions?

Still unsure what the best method of attack is for keeping your lawn in prime condition this summer? Get in touch with our staff by dropping in to your local dealer. We have 113 SupaSwift dealers across Australia so you are bound to find one near you!

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