Deciding On The Right Lawn Mower For You

Deciding On The Right Lawn Mower For You

We offer a versatile range of lawn mowers for both homeowners and for professional use. However, choosing the right mower can be challenging, especially when there are many factors to consider such as your lawn’s size, terrain and grass variety. Fortunately, we stock a range of mowers for all lawn types, from standard push mowers to cylinder and utility mowers. You are bound to find a mower that suits your needs and achieves superb results.

Our Mower Range

If you’re just starting out mowing or covering smaller to medium sized gardens, we suggest checking out our Push Mowers range.  If you are looking for a more impact resistant mower, check out our Utility Mower range which will help you tackle those tough overgrown areas with ease. Our Cylinder Mowers are ideal for low or short-cut grass, offering a quality sharp cut due to its slicing ‘scissor’ action.

What to consider before buying a mower

Size of Lawn

The first question to ask yourself is, what size is my lawn? The size of your property will determine how long it takes to mow your lawn. If your mower is not equipped to cover far distances you will be making extra work for yourself! For instance, our Push Mowers are suitable for properties that are less than an acre in size whereas Self-Propelled mowers are ideal for bigger properties due to their larger capacity. Similar to Push Mowers, Utility Mowers are also walk-behinds however they are industrial type mowers that are built to get through tough, overgrown areas with ease.

Conditions of Lawn

It is also worth looking into the conditions of your lawn as Self-Propelled Mowers suit yards with many curves, trees, hills and other obstacles as their wheels can swivel easily. Conversely, Push Mowers are best suited to flat terrains as while it requires manual effort to move, it can manoeuvre easily around obstacles and tight spaces. Utility Mowers are more geared towards home-owners with a larger block where cleaning up grass clippings is not needed.

Grass type

Knowing what type of grass you have in your yard will also be helpful as certain grasses require less horsepower to drive to mower than others. The most common grasses in Australia are Couch, Zoysia, Buffalo and Kikuyu, so best to do some research on your lawn type to help inform your mower purchase.

Got Questions?

You can go out and make these three observations on your property today to gain a more of a comprehensive understanding before deciding which mower is right for you. If you have any more questions about our mower range or how to keep your lawn looking its best, feel free to get in touch with our SupaSwift team today!

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