Choosing the Right Water Pump

Choosing the Right Water Pump

The specific use of a water pump depends on its type and features. When choosing a water pump for a particular task, it's essential to consider factors like flow rate, head pressure, and power source - whether it be electric or engine-driven. However, it can be difficult to know for sure whether the pump you select is compatible with the intended application and meets the necessary safety and performance standards. 

At SupaSwift, we offer a versatile range of water pumps designed for different purposes. Here's a general overview of our four water pumps and their typical uses to assist you in differentiating them. 

Water Transfer Pumps

32KWP 2" Water Pump

These pumps are ideal for transferring large volumes of water quickly and efficiently.  The 32KWP 2” has a maximum water flow of 499 litres per minute, with a total head of 30 m and max suction of 7 m. Therefore, this water pump can reach a far distance at great force.

33KWP 3" Water Pump

The next step up from this is the 33KWP 3” pump which is essentially the same as the 32KWP 2”, except its maximum water flow is 916 litres per minute. Again, it is mainly used for moving water from one location to another, but it can also be employed for tasks such as draining pools, emptying flooded areas, and supplying water to homes or buildings.

Fire Fighting Water Pumps

Firefighting water pumps are designed to provide high-pressure water flow for extinguishing fires. They are often used in rural and remote areas where access to municipal firefighting services is limited. A lot of our competitors exclude this from their range; however, we offer two options, the 32KFF Single Impeller and the 32KFFT Twin Impeller. 

32KFF Single Impeller

This pump runs on petrol, features a single impeller and is powered by a quality Kohler CH270, 7.0 hp (5.2 kW) engine which features oil alert cut out. It has a maximum water flow of 462 litres per minute and has a total head of 50 metres.

32KFFT Twin Impeller

This pump really is double the force with its twin impeller. Like the single impeller, it is also powered by a Kohler CH270, 7.0 hp (5.2 kW) engine which features oil alert cut out. However, it offers a maximum water flow of 300 litres per minute and has a total head of 80 metres.

Got Questions?

If you still have a few questions or are unsure about the specifications of our water pumps, browse our range for more details or find your local SupaSwift dealer and chat to our staff who are always happy to assist. 

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